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Sunday, April 10, 2005


TIME is a concept... a great man once told me, but-I never really understood what he meant and still don't really-but I'm sure I will one day. So if I can't share what he thinks about Time, I'll share what I think about it...
It's been a while since I've last written on this thing. I can't even believe how the time has flown by. I only have 2 more months of high school left...I can't even believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was taking those dreadful first steps into Champlin Park's 04-05 school year, and now it will be all to soon before I'm taking those all awaited steps onto Northrup Auditorium's stage to get my diploma. 13 years of school...DONE. That's pretty sweet.
Kindergarten feels like a lifetime ago (well I guess it almost is...) but at the same time these past years seem to have just whizzed right by. So many memories, so many people, and so much change. It amazes me how time changes people. It changes who your friends are, your experience, your knowledge...it changes everything.
I found some old pictures today taken during Freshman year. They were of a surprise party I threw for one of my best friends, Sally. She was turning Sweet 16 (she was a year older than us), and I wanted her bday to be really something she'd never forget. Dang-she was so surprised that I think she almost peed her pants! It was such a fun time. But as I looked at the pictures I saw some things that weren't so strange at the time, but looking back-it's just weird. The people that were at that party-all hanging out together-it was just really strange.
4 years later... wow...I wonder how fast the next 4 years are going to come and go. I wonder what's going to happen, how we'll all change. We'll change for better hopefully, but undubidubly, some will change for worse. (Hmmm...I just realized this kinda sounds like a grad speech...sorry for whoever may be reading this-I know it's probably really boring, but the truth is -I don't really give a shit what you think! This is my blog!) Sorry -that came out of nowhere.
Anyway -I'm just sayin that Time goes by so fast, but good memories seem to slow it down for a brief moment. Ya ever notice that? It's like-most of the time, time is just flyin by and you don't even notice it goin, but then you remember a good memory and everything slows down for those few moments. It's a nice feeling.
So I guess what I'm really trying to say is-Make a lot of good memories and time won't slip by so fast-you'll have more to hold on to, more to remember.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


***Will you go to SNOWDAZE with me??***

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I like getting pretty. Is that so bad? Some people are so bitter when it comes to those things-some think it's so superficial. But I just feel better when i look pretty. Looking good means feeling good sometimes. Whenever I feel poopy and crappy I take a shower and do my hair and makeup, pick out a cute outfit and I end up feeling much better. It uplifts my spirit when I feel I look my best. Because there's nothing worse than feeling like crap AND looking like crap. Cuz that's just pathetic. It's different if you're physically ill to your stomach, but if you're just feeling icky-getting dressed and done up really helps. I think it was Estee Lauder who started the feelo good-look good thing with their selling makeupfor cancer research funding. They used the fact that when you look good you feel better for mardeting, then used the profits to support cancer research. That's brilliant. I love looking pretty, not for superficial reasons, but for the reason that it makes me feel special.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I love music. It's so great. It can make you feel so much if you let it. Like, it can uplift you, make you feel happy or sad, loved or mad-whatever. There's a song for everyone and every situation. I wish I was talented enough to write songs or sing because I have so much appreciation for it. I wish I could share it with others and touch others and affect them with it the way it does me. I listen to Delilah at nights sometimes and it's amazing to hear all the stories and how a song can soothe and bring about such a calm. On the flipside, my friend Kristen and I are often found ROCKIN' OUT in the car to some awesome tuens. We're so carefree at those times, completely happy and laughing and having a great time. My point is this: Music is one of the best outlets for emotion, whether it's writing, playing, singing, or just listening. It's great.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A few of my favorit songs

  1. I'll Be -Edwin McCain
  2. Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers
  3. When a Man Loves a Woman
  4. Sandstorm-Darude
  5. Just a girl-No Doubt
  6. Don't speak-No Doubt
  7. Sweetness-Jimmy Eat World
  8. Always be my baby-Mariah Carey
  9. Pachabel's Canon in D
  10. California here we come-Phantom Planet
  11. You can't always get what you want-Rolling Stones
  12. The way you look tonight-Eric Clapton
  13. Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd
  14. Baby Got Back-Sir-mix-a-lot
  15. Dreamin of you-Selena
  16. Diamonds are a girls best friend-Marilyn Monroe
  17. That love mix thing from Moulin Rouge
  18. I will always love you-Whitney Houston
  19. Material Girl, Ray of Light, -anything by Madonna
  20. Butterfly Kisses
  21. Tiny Dancer
  22. Pour Some Sugar on Me-Van Halen
  23. Running
  24. Drive my car, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, Help, Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby-ANYTHING by the Beatles
  25. Somethin like that-Tim McGraw

Oh My GOSH-I could go on for days-there are too many to list-I'm sure I'm forgetting some big huge-time favorites....

Feel free to add to my list!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

A list of places I want to go

  1. Washington DC to see the white house
  2. Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument
  3. Eiffel tower
  4. Big Ben in London
  5. A double decker bus
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  8. Graceland in Tennessee
  9. the 4 corners thingy between Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and....what is it? Arizona?
  10. Hawaii
  11. The Great Wall of China
  12. Tokya, Japan
  13. Alaska (during the summer)
  14. Mount Rushmore
  15. Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park
  16. Barcelona, Spain
  17. Venice, Italy
  18. Las Vegas, baby!
  19. The Caribbean
  20. The Amazon Rainforest
  21. Ireland and Scotland
  22. Norway and Sweden-to see my family's homeland
  23. Germany
  24. The Taj Mahal
  25. Cairo, Egypt- to see all the pyramids and the sphynx

Friday, December 17, 2004


A person's choice of candy can say a lot about them. There are so many different kinds to chose from. Right now I'm sitting in my sister's bed and on her bedstand are gummi bears and sour patch kids. Both are extremely colorful and sweet and gummi. Just like her-well except for the gummi part. And it's interesting because in the case of sour patch kids you have to get past the sour to get to the sweet part. Kinda like her. My favorite candy would have to be dark chocolate. Which says alot about me. It's simple and laid back, it doesn't hit you with some wild flavor, yet its taste isn't as sweet as most chocolate. Just sweet enough to get by. Many people don't prefer the taste of dark chocolate, some may say that it's even bitter. Not to say I'm bitter, I'm just not as sugary sweet as say...white chocolate. Which is a favorite of one of my former friends. And it's just like her. White, pure and so sweet she'll give you a toothache. She's one of those people that you can only take so much of before you can't stand her anymore, just like white chocolate.
And isn't it funny how it seems that all grammas have hard toffee or mints or those strawberry things in their purses? My gramma did anyway. Those candies were long lasting and if you bit them they'd get stuck in your teeth so to be with you for a long time. Like grandparents. I love candy-it's yummy.